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About Ziv Systems

Since 1992, Ziv Systems has been one of the leading companies in Israel in developing and implementing advanced software solutions to handle construction projects and real-estate properties. 

Ziv Systems offers profound software solutions that  range from the construction management system, property sales, rents and a building and equipment maintenance system to handle the industries' requirements. These comprehensive solutions handle the asset's lifecycle from its planning and work executions; selling residential property; renting residential, commercial and office areas for rent; and finally handling the equipments' and infrastructure maintenance opporations.

Ziv systems is an SAP Software solutions Partner and Channel Partner certified to sell and implement the leading ERP system for small/midsized companies – SAP Business One. The SAP Business One ERP system provides advanced tools to handle financial activities, purchases and sales, stock management, CRM, sales opportunities, services and much more.

Our implementation and training departments  handle both the financial and construction – real-estate implementations. This combination between the fiscal and the construction – real-estate needs, provides many advantages to our clients and enables to provide a comprehensive solution, without the need to integrate the data with external financial systems.

The projects' department provides advisory services for the company's clients. These services vary from gathering essential data and installing the systems, prepare and monitor construction project timetables, guidance and assistance in preparing a budget and implement budgetary control procedures in construction companies.

Among our clients are hundreds of leading companies and organizations mainly in Israel, such as government offices, local authorities, construction companies, entrepreneurs, and contractors, housing companies, banks and insurance companies academic institutions, and more.

Ziv Systems     Contact Us @ +972-2-5820666