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Assets One
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Assets One is a comprehensive ERP system that handles construction projects and real estate property. This industry solution handles the assets lifecycle from its construction, up to its sales, rents and maintenance activities. 


This industry solution provides a real breakthrough, covering not only what the industry's professional requires, but also the related monetry issues using the ERP modules.


All four management systems are fully implemented onto SAP Business One offering to handle financial issues, purchases and sales, stock management, customer relations (CRM), sales opportunities, services and more. 
Assets One enables its users to take full control of their activities and enhance their decision makings, using monitoring and control reports, queries and BI tools. 


System's Features:


   An industry solution fully integrated and implemented onto the SAP

    Business One ERP system, maintaining complete ERP user interface

    consistence, use of a single database and advanced tools to maintain the

    workflow throughout the organization
   View up to the minute data facts

  Straightforward user interface enables to get answers quickly and effectively

    when carrying out business activities

   Complete integration with MS-Office Word and Excel

   Issue complex reports using report generators

   Control and monitor business activities

   An alerts and notification component that is automatically activated once

    there is a deviation from the defined policies, for efficient real time decision


   Handle business procedures using an activated round of approval

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